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Venue Rental 

Our facility is an open floor-plan with over 1600sq ft.  Great for boxing theme parties, videos, photoshoots, and much more.  We will be happy to accommodate you as much as possible and will be happy to work with you.  Our venue holds 100 people comfortably and with our bay doors open, larger crowds are welcomed.   

Please fill out the Venue Rental Request Form and Kashima Brown will contact you for more information about your event, and get you set up with the proper paperwork to complete your reservation.  

Photoshoots & Videos

For hourly rental-

We allow cameras and lights inside and outside the entire gym's ring and full access to our equipment.  A changing area is provided and full use of our office area is also available.  Photoshoots can be done after hours or during business hours.  We will also accommodate areas of the gym for your personal use, during business hours. 

Parties & Social Gatherings

For 2 hour rental times- 

Our venue is available for after-hour events.  We provide the space and you bring everything else.  We will ensure you have access to set up and clean up. 

We do not provide setting up or tearing down of your event but will give whomever access to our facility, before your event time.  We will allow 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to clean up.  A walk-through of our facility is required for both.

You will be held responsible for any damaged or broken equipment. 

Our venue comfortably holds 100 people.  Our bay doors can be opened for maximum capacity overflow.  


Parties & Social Gatherings

All dates must be scheduled  2 weeks in advance. and be within the hours  below

Parties and Social Gatherings are only scheduled after hours. 

Photos & Videos can be scheduled during or after business hours.  

Monday- 10am - 8pm

Tuesday- 10am - 8pm

Wednesday- 10am - 6pm

Thursday - 10am - 8pm

Friday - 10am - 8pm

Saturday - 10 am - 8pm

Sunday - 2pm - 6pm


Photos & Videos- $80/hour 

Fashion, sports, birthday photos.

Music,  school, documentaries, interviews,  and other videos

Parties & Social Gatherings-  $150 for first hour and then $80/hour

Birthdays,  bachelor & bachelorette parties,  fraternity & sorority parties,  graduation parties, and sermon series.  

Max capacity- 150 people


Battle Boxing Gym Venue Rental Policies

  • **For venue rentals, you must book 2 weeks prior to the time of your event.   
  • A minimum of 2 hours must be booked for your event.   
  • A deposit is required to confirm the booking of your event and that amount will be half of the initial total amount of your event.   Other charges may apply. 
  • If you run over your time, you will be charged for an additional hour and that amount must be paid prior to going into that hour.  
  • At any time during your rental, if the equipment belonging to Battle Boxing Gym, is damaged, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement of our equipment. 
  • If at any time during your rental, our boxing ring is damaged, ripped, or in unusable condition, the rental person will be responsible for its repair and or replacement. 
  •  If you are more than 30 minutes late and we do not hear from you, your slot will be canceled, your deposit will not be returned, and you have the option of booking another time for your event.