Venue Rental 

Venue Rental_-

Our space is available for full and empty capacity video and photography services. 

Our space is great for fashion, sports, and boxing-themed photography.  Also great for boxing-themed sermons, music,  and other boxing-themed videos.  We allow cameras and lights inside the ring and full function of the entire gym and a changing area is also provided.  Our gym is 1600sq foot, with an open bay area.  

To book our venue, you must email us at:, and in the subject line, please put Venue Booking.  If you are wanting to book during our business hours, our slow times are between 10am and 3pm.  Times booked after that will be during our peak hours, where we are extremely busy so please keep that in mind.  Wednesday and Fridays are generally are slowest days and more manageable for outside services.    


$100/hour WITHIN business hours  (Prorated for time over 1 hour)

$130/hour OUTSIDE business hours (Prorated for time over 1 hour)

$30 Service fee if you use Vic Weaver (Photo prices not included)

Vic Weaver is our in-house sports photographer and available for photography services or you can bring in your own. 

To secure Vic Weaver's services, please contact:

**(Photography pricing not included with Battle Boxing Gym's pricing)


Phone: (803) 293-8844

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Battle Boxing Gym Venue Rental Policies

  • For venue rentals, the first hour must be paid before service starts
  • Any time over the first hour will be charged per 30 minutes, depending on your initial service amount. 
  • If your services run past the initial time of your request, your next hour rental must be paid, prior to going into another time slot. 
  • At any time during your rental, if the equipment belonging to Battle Boxing Gym, is damaged, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement of our equipment. 
  • If at any time during your rental, our boxing ring is damaged, ripped, or in unusable condition, the rental person will be responsible for its repair and or replacement. 
  •  If you are more than 30 min late, your slot will be canceled and must be rebooked for another day.  
  • Your time starts exactly the time you booked your services.  If you need to reschedule, we ask you do so, at least 1 hour prior to your reserved time.