Returning Member Application 

Howdy!!! Welcome Back, we missed you.  Now that you're ready to come back and grind, fill this information out.  Kashima will get it in the office as soon as you submit and please be sure to schedule your workout with either this link, or the Book Workout button below.  

Mandatory temperature checks before every workout

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you must wait a period of 14 days and a negative test result, upon return to the gym. 

If you have taken the COVID-19 test and are waiting for the results, you must have the negative results in hand, before coming to the gym. 

Do not be careless with working out, while waiting to find out your results. 

Do not be careless in working out, to try and sweat out the virus.  

Do not be careless in not wearing a mask in public and then coming in here and working out.  

Everybody has a family that they are concerned about and we expect all of our members and visitors to follow suit.