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Acceptable forms of payment

*We accept cash/debit/credit

*No personal checks accepted


Refund Policy

Refunds are not given on equipment or monthly memberships.  Monthly memberships are not charged per day or prorated but are charged a full calendar 30/ 31 days of membership.   

If memberships are canceled or terminated by the member or Coach Kevin & Kashima, either due to disorderly conduct,  verbal abuse, physical or verbal assault towards staff or other members,  late payments,  theft,  repetitive abuse of any equipment, or harm towards staff or other members; Battle Boxing Gym will not refund any membership paid and will be asked to leave immediately.    

Monthly Charges

Members are charged monthly.  Payments can be made in office,  online through our Square invoicing, or here at our website under Member Payment. Battle Boxing Gym does not hold or freeze memberships for voluntary vacations or if members are not able to come to the gym.  

Memberships are evaluated monthly to ensure adequate package alignment. Packages are subject to change if the status of your membership changes. 

Battle Boxing Gym has 2 scheduled vacations each year, where we close down for 2 weeks.  One is from the end of December to beginning of January and the the other during the summer, between May and June.  

During our two set vacation periods, we will freeze accounts that are paid at the beginning of that month and will resume once we reopen.  

For example: Mr.  Member paid to renew his monthly on June 1.  Our gym maintenance is scheduled from June 1 to June 12.  Mr. Member will not be counted during that time but his payment will then adjust from June 12 to July 12.  


We accept cash, debit, or credit cards. No personal checks are accepted. 

Also,  per request, members can be placed on auto draft at any time.  This is done in office by Kashima or through email,  located under the "contact us" tab.  

Membership Prices

Family Membership                                                  $155

Parent(s) with multiple school-aged children  

Double Student Membership                                  $120

Youth siblings ages 9-17 who join together.  Adding a 3rd child will receive a $10 discount.

Parent & Student Membership                           $115

Parents who join with their children must both remain active members to be priced accordingly. 

Single Adult  Membership                                       $85

Adults 18 & over that are no longer in school.

Military and Veterans                                               $75

Military,  Veterans and Law Enforcement, please show proper ID. This is not extended for any dependents.  

College Students (18-23)                                   $65

College Students must show the current semester schedule, to receive student pricing.   

    This pricing also includes minors:

        All minors must be between 9 - 17 years old.