Battle Gear Merchandise & Boxing Equipement 

Custom merchandise, quality material,  and unique designs.  
All items are customizable with color, design, logos, wording, and style.  

Items available for purchase on-site

Tank Tops- $20  

Hats- $25

T-shirts- $25

 Hoodies- $45  

 Book Bags- $50  

Duffle Bags- $65

Track Suits- $75

Gloves can be purchased in sets of: gloves, headgear, and groin protection or separately.  

Headgear is designed for optimal protection.  Cheek and temple protection, guaranteed to withstand most damage.  

Price- $85

All boxing gloves are customizable.  Made with 100% leather and quality stitching.  These gloves are designed for protection, durability, and comfort.  

Prices start at $85