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Lead Coach Kevin Brown

Over 30 years of experience in the industry and our head coach.  USA Boxing certified.   Coach Kevin is a the head trainer for every member and oversees our pro and amateur boxers.  Kevin spends countless hours of study in the sport of boxing by watching footage,  studying his fighters, and strategizing different training techniques.  Coach trains each fighter by determining their strengths,  maximizing them,  and eliminating weaknesses. 

Coach Elijah Seawright

USA Boxing certified Elijah Seawright is a professional fighter and currently the morning coach.  Coach Elijah is an intense, cardio-driven coach who will drill you until you drop.   He will train you to work beyond your capacity and help you to overcome your mind.  Like his dad,  Coach Kevin,  Elijah is also a technical trainer.  He will show you how to improve and help you apply it to your workouts.     

Coach Peter Taylor

Coach Peter Taylor is a USA Boxing certified trainer.  You will find Coach Pete at the gym after 4pm, working with mitts and pads, different ring drills,  and giving nutrition advice.  Coach Pete travels with our amateur fighters and is on Elijah 'The Showman' Seawright's professional coaching team.  

Kashima Brown

The wife of Coach Kevin and mother to Coach Elijah,  is the office director and operations manager.  She oversees all applications,  payments,  and that members are within compliance.  She handles all business affairs and organizes all events.  If there's any question about accounts, memberships,  pricing,  etc. please contact her at