Current Members

  Effective immediately, a negative COVID-19 test is required when signing up as a new member or if you're returning to the gym after being gone for more than 1 month, prior to your first workout. 

 All members MUST schedule EACH workout, daily.  If you forget, you will not be permitted to stay and you must schedule for another day.    

Members, please do not bring guests with you.  Only the scheduled member or parents of minors are able to come to the gym.  This will avoid overcrowding.  

All members MUST sign in at the office window, with a temperature check and COVID-19 questionnaire, before each workout.  (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Gym Procedures

If you plan to visit the gym, please go to the "Visitors" section of this website for further instructions.  

If you have a scheduled visit, please check-in at the office window and everyone with you, PLEASE WEAR A MASK.    

All outside sparring requires a current COVID-19 test from all persons sparring and their trainers.  Trainers must wear masks at all times.  All other people accompanying boxers must wait outside. 

Any parent waiting on their children's training must wear a mask at all times.  

Safety Procedures

Our gym is professionally sterilized weekly, to keep everyone safe. 

Only the scheduled member is able to come to the gym at this time.  Friends and onlookers are not able to watch you workout, due to COVID.  

Every member is responsible for cleaning their workstation after they've used it, with our cleaning solution, located around the gym. 

Our staff cleans the gym during the day and also thoroughly cleans at the end of the day.

We do not share equipment or boxing gloves so you must purchase your own gear from us.