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Not everyone needs to compete as a boxer

We do not hold classes or sessions

All members are monthly, no contracts

Non-Competitive Boxing-  Open to every member

  • Workouts designed to meet your skill level
  • Patient and professional training by our certified coaching staff
  • No class schedules to hurry to, come on your own time
  • Option to spar other members of the gym
  • One-on-One training with our coaches
  • No experience necessary
  • We work with all types of disabilities (autism, ADHD, ADD)

Amateur Boxing Program- We Train to Win

  • Once verified by coach and you're ready to compete,  we enter our fighters into boxing competitions. 
  • We spar other gyms  but sparring is available every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Our amateurs are on a 150 fight winning record.  

Professional Boxing

  • Once you're ready to take your boxing career to the next level, you must have successfully competed in amateur boxing and/or be verified by Coach Kevin . 

  • All of our pro boxers are members and must train with coach Kevin, before he turns them pro.  

College Boxing Teams- Open to any college organizing a boxing league 

  • Must be 10+ members
  • Must be approved through your college or university
  • Must be responsible for training at Battle Boxing Gym for coaching 
  • College teams compete at the end of each semester
  • Detailed information will given by team president and Coach Kevin 

Youth Mentorship 

  • Ages 6-17 years old
  • One-on-One boxing training with Coach Elijah 
  • Charged per session ad not monthly
  • Sessions are between 1 hour to 1-1/2hours
  • More details on the Youth Mentorship page

Group Boxing Training

  • Training with Coach Elijah 
  • Must be 6+ members at all times
  • Ages 18 and up
  • Hours and days discussed with  Coach Elijah and can be outside of business hours
  • Great for businesses, churches, and other large organizations.