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Not everyone needs to compete as a boxer

We do not hold classes or sessions

Everyone receives boxing training

Every member starts from the ground and works their way up

Non-Competitive Boxing-  Anyone can be a non-competitive boxer.  We start training at 9 years old.  You learn basic boxing skills so no need to feel any pressure or need any prior boxing training.  We will work on cardio, weight, agility, strength, and core training.  

Amateur Boxing Program- For our current members, age 12- 27, who want to contend in the amateur boxing circuit.  We travel to different competitions to compete against other registered members.  There is a club fee to join and you must be approved by Coach Kevin.  

Professional Boxing - For our boxers who have successfully competed in the amateurs and are ready to make it a career.  All of our pro boxers are members and must train with coach, before he turns them pro.  

Youth Boxing Training- Our young members, age 9-17, will train at their own pace, either to eventually compete in our amateur program or to gain the confidence and knowledge they desire, to protect themselves.  No prior training required.  We do not hold classes but train as you come in.