• Must be at least 9 years old 
  • Train with our coaches on a daily basis, no matter the skill level
  • Personalized fitness program for each member
  • All members will work with someone
  • Hand-eye-coordination, proper foot stance, shadow boxing
  • Heavy cardio training
  • Train tough like competitive boxers
  • Work with other boxing members 
  • Option to sparring and mitts training

Boxing is a great sport for endurance, cardio, weight loss, strengthening, toning,  coordination, and power.  It is a full-body workout that will leave you empty, while building you up at the same time. 

Our gym is designed for you to have fun while working out.  We pride ourselves in making everyone feel comfortable and like family.  You never have to worry about being embarrassed, singled out, or alone.  We work as a team at BBG.  

 If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you must wait a period of 14 days and a negative test result, upon return to the gym. 

If you have taken the COVID-19 test and are waiting for the results, you must have the negative results in hand, before coming to the gym. 

Do not be careless with working out, while waiting to find out your results. 

Do not be careless in working out, to try and sweat out the virus.  

Do not be careless in not wearing a mask in public and then coming in here and working out.  

Everybody has a family that they are concerned about and we expect all of our members and visitors to follow suit.