Battle Boxing Gym was founded by Kevin & Kashima Brown and established on June 4, 2016. We are a privately owned and operated family business, with over 31 years of boxing experience and they have dedicated their lives to their brand,  fighters, and this sport.  Battle Boxing Gym is a lifestyle and they not only invest in their business but their boxers as well.  Kevin and Kashima have provided the best equipment needed to build a strong and durable fighter.   

Battle Boxing Gym has the best winning record, as a gym, in the state of South Carolina and no one can refute that.  Not only are their boxers their #1 priority but their fitness members as well.  Kevin and Kashma care not only about you as a member but once you join their team, you become family.   

Battle Boxing Gym stands out as having one of the best gyms in the south because of the fun, family-style atmosphere that's produced.  They invite and include everyone, no matter the skill level,  physical ability, color, nationality, religion, or self-identification.   Kevin and Kashima personally invite you and your family to come and see what Battle Boxing Gym is all about.  

Kevin and Kashima are also co-owners of the UNITED STATES BOXING UNION (USBU).  The USBU is a title belt organization that holds sanctioned fights, under the Nevada Boxing Commission and looking to grow that company in 2021.  

It's A Family Affair

Kevin Brown will be your lead trainer.  He will work with you at any time but particularly from 1 pm to closing.  He is an experienced, retired professional boxer and boxing trainer with over 30 years of experience.  His methods of training are patients,  technique, and precision.  He will show you how to handle yourself in and outside the ring and be honest with your style of boxing.   He never rushes his fighters because he believes they need time to develop.  Everybody is not cut out to be professional fighters but for those who are, he will work with you until you're ready to compete.   

Elijah Seawright will be your morning trainer from 10 am - 1 pm.   Elijah is a professional boxer, with 4 years of boxing experience, in amateur and professional boxing.  He has won many regional and state title belts and now entering into professional boxing as a welterweight.  

He will push you until you have no more in you and then push you some more.  His style of training is intense and extremely physical.  He will guide you in your training and critiques as you go along, working on endurance, mitts & pads,  sparring, and other ring training.  He works extremely well with the youth and a great trainer for in-depth technical boxing techniques.