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About Battle Boxing Gym

Boxing Gym was a passion planted into the heart of Coach Kevin Brown and a prayer for Kashima Brown to provide safety for their son and to instill a martial art he could grow into.  Christ led them to establish Battle Boxing Gym in February 2021, which opened on June 4, 2016. 

 Kevin, a new stepfather, stepped up to become Elijah's dad and taught him how to protect himself against bullying at school.  Elijah was a small framed kid, and Kevin wanted to know he was protected, out of his sight.  In the backyard, Kevin trained Elijah how to punch and when to use it, and the concept of Battle Boxing Gym was born.   

We are a privately owned and operated family business with over 35 years of boxing experience, and they have dedicated their lives to their brand,  fighters, and this sport.  Battle Boxing Gym is our lifestyle, and we invest not only in our business but the lives of our boxers.  Kevin and I live our lives and bathe our home in the fear and admonition of the Lord. 

Our mission: To provide a safe-haven for the youth, to provide a different avenue of stress release, and to encourage those who are looking to make a change.  

Our vision: To see and hear every success story that comes out of our gym.  

Our Staff -

All of our coaches are USA Boxing Certified Coaches

Coach Kevin- With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Coach Kevin is our head coach.  USA Boxing certified.   Coach Kevin is our head trainer for every member and oversees our pro and amateur boxers.  Kevin spends countless hours of study in the sport of boxing by watching the footage,  studying his fighters, and strategizing different training techniques.  Coach trains each fighter by determining their strengths,  maximizing them,  and eliminating weaknesses. 

Coach Elijah-   USA Boxing certified Elijah Seawright is a professional fighter and currently the morning coach.  Coach Elijah is currently our Youth Mentorship trainer and is invested in ensuring your child will be able to handle themselves when they're alone. Like his dad,  Coach Kevin,  Elijah is also a technical trainer.  He will show you how to improve and help you apply it to your workouts.     

Coach Pete  Coach Pete is a USA Boxing certified trainer.  You will find Coach Pete at the gym after 4 pm, working you on mitts and pads, different ring drills,  and giving nutrition advice.  Coach Pete travels with our amateur fighters and is a part of the Battle Boxing Gym Pro Boxer coaching team.