Individualized Training

Ring Training

Technique Training


Participation in boxing events

Weight Management

(For Youth) Discipline



Family Atmosphere

You'll work with different people at your own pace.  We are a teaching facility and will train you just like pro boxers, therefore, working with different members will gain you more experience of different boxing styles.  

Our coaches are right in the ring with you.  Every punch you make will be supervised and guided, to give you the feeling like a pro.  Our coaches are particular about training you the proper way so that bad habits aren't formed.  

Every single member is our greatest strength.  From least skilled, to our pro boxers, you will not feel overwhelmed or unappreciated.  We have the best members and staff in all of SC and everyone will help you achieve greatness. 

Our youth will train as our adults and there are no favorites.  We have people always watching you and will give  you pointers and tips to become stronger and faster.  Even some of our parents will jump in to help, as they were either boxers or martial arts instructors themselves.