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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm




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$10/Day walk-ins

Training facility to the South Carolina Fighting Gamecock Boxing Club 

** First-time visitors receive 1 free workout session.  


 Battle Boxing Gym/ Official trainers of the Fighting Gamecocks Boxing Club


We are family owned, family operated, and family-centered.  Battle Boxing Gym is not your typical boxing gym, as we strive to operate our facility with the highest integrity, we aim to make every feel welcomed and valued, and we strive to break the stereotype of your typical boxing gyms.  

attle Boxing Gym is a privately run organization and operated by husband and wife, Kevin and Kashima Brown. 
 We continue to reach the community by allowing anyone of any skill, gender, race, culture, and background become members of our gym.  Because of our faith in God, we will always maintain a level of high integrity, honesty, and morals to anyone who wants to become members of our facility. 

We understand the importance of our gym and we do not just consider ourselves a boxing gym, but we are a beacon of light to the lost, a warm embrace to those who are going through a rough time, and a family to those who feel alone.  We have extended more than just our facility to so many and are humbled to be able to serve so many.   Our boxing program has proven to help children with autism, people dealing with anger issues, help physically challenged individuals find their strength, confidence, balance and help those with social issues feel a part of something big.  

Coach Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown is a retired professional boxer and posses over 20 years experience in the sport.  He is passionate about his members success, devoted to his career, and will go above and beyond to ensure his fighters and members are successful. 

Kevin and his wife Kashima spend time ensuring each member feels like family and that no one feels left out or avoided.  We make sure our youth enjoy their time in the gym and training and that their confidence is being built up. 

If you want to experience a gym that invests their time and attention to each member, you've found the spot.  We are the #1 gym in Columbia, SC.    








Boxing Fitness (Youth & Adults) Ages 7yrs  & up

Our fitness program will transform your life and your body.  No matter the skill level or prior fitness experience, you will be trained with all boxing techniques, as if you were going to become a contender.  All of our members will have the privilege of being coached by Kevin Brown, Delquan Dennis, Elijah Seawright, or Peter Taylor, during the hours you train.  We will also pair you with one of our veteran members, like a workout buddy.  This really works well for our youth and it helps them become acclimated to the gym and makes them feel more comfortable with being a member.  

We have a diverse group of members with different types of abilities and disabilities.  Boxing has proven to be a great strengthening program with those who have neuromuscular disabilities, Parkinson's Disease,  Diabetes,  High Blood Pressure, Autism, ADHD, and any childhood behavioral problems.  We allow our youth to express themselves and our adults to pound out their frustrations.  We provide a fun, safe, family atmosphere for all members and their families.  

Amateur Boxing Training

This training is more rigorous and demanding as the coaches are preparing you to contend in boxing competitions.  Our competitors should be between the ages of 14-28.  When you are accepted into the program, you will be required to train in the gym at least 4 times a week, consume a proper diet, and be consistent in your training.  Your training will consist of weight training, cardio training, endurance training, and sparring.  Boxers will be expected to attend all technique classes, sparring nights, and most events. Come in and talk to Coach Kevin Brown for the amateur program.  We train our boxers to box and not brawl.  They will learn proper techniques and to always look and conduct themselves as professionals.  

Currently, we are ranked the best boxing gym in Columbia, SC with our wins & loses being 37/6.  Peter Taylor will soon head this team, as Coach Kevin will be focusing on our professional boxers.  He will still train our amateurs with Peter so our amateurs will have the best training possible.  With any member looking to join our amateur team of 6, they would need to ensure they are going to be dedicated to training and to the team.  More information provided during your meeting with our coach.    

Professional Boxing 

As with our amateur program, our professional program is on the rise.  We currently have 3 professionals that were born out of this gym with 1 being a heavyweight, Mike Matulis, who currently trains and is homed in Dallas, TX and is making a huge dent in the heavyweight professional world.  He started his career out of BBG and will forever be a part of our family.  We also have Elijah Seawright, the son of BBG, who recently turned professional, at the age of 17, with VegasChamp Boxing, along with Delquan Dennis, our star athlete.  Both fighters will remain at BBG, with Delquan's first professional fight in November and Elijah in February.  

Our professional program is designed to get boxers ready to contend with the famous boxers of today.  We teach our boxers proper techniques and to look the best and controlled in the ring.  Our focus and target are to get you signed with a major boxing promoter and management company.  

Special Events Venue 

Photos, Documentaries, & Videos- 

Unoccupied Description: Outside of business hours, empty building.  Can set up as many cameras and have as many people as you like, use equipment, boxing ring, and free reign of the facility.   You set up and clean up.  

$100/ hour (First hour must be paid before services rendered)

Occupied Description: Photos and videos are taken around our current members.  Space is limited and you must work around our members.  Depending on space in the ring for camera equipment, a section can be blocked off.  Changing room and bathrooms are provided but space is limited.  

$60/hour (First hour must be paid before services are rendered). 

Person facilitating event must fill out the agreement in the office, 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Birthday Parties

Description: We supply 2 tables and 20 chairs, white plastic table cloths, music or you can connect to our speaker, boxing equipment, boxing ring, referee, 4-hour slots, complete access to gym, and you are able to bring in your food and beverages of choice.  Your set up & clean up are within the 4 hours. 

Person facilitating event must fill out an agreement in the office,  2 weeks prior to the event.   

Adult parties: All of the above applies but those over 21 are able to bring in alcoholic beverages.  Everyone over the age of 21 will have to sign a waiver, will show proof of ID, and must wear a wristband (provided by BBG), to show legal age.   

Person facilitating event must fill out an agreement in the office,  2 weeks prior to the event.  

$400/ 4 hr

Hours of Operation 

      Monday-    3p to 9:30p

Tuesday- 3p- 9:30p

  Thursday-3p- 9:30p

Friday-    3p to 8p

Saturday- 10am to 1pm (CLOSED USC HOME GAMES)

Sunday & Wednesday- CLOSED 

Train on your own schedule

You can work individually

Work as a group, with a personal trainer

Train to compete in the many competitions each year or join us at competitions

$Monthly Membership Categorie$

Payments can be made over the phone, online, and at our location with debit/credit and cash.  Debit/credit card payments will be charged SC tax.  You are also able to purchase boxing equipment such as; handwraps, boxing gloves, boxing shoes, headgear, amateur boxing clothing, and boxing shoes, that is USA Boxing certified.    (NO REFUNDS)

Adult Membership

Adults 18 years and older


Armed Services Membership

Thank you for your service.  All active, retired military, veterans and law enforcement.



Student Membership 

 Individuals ages 7 to 18 enrolled in school. 

Youth 17 and younger must have a parent to sign them up.



*Don't want to make a monthly commitment, then drop in for $10/day


Ages 7-12 with parents who want to workout

$60/1st child

$50/each additional child



For actively enrolled USC students.  Memberships are paid to Battle Boxing Gym through Venmo and are good for 1 semester.  Each semester, membership is $140, with $20 of the membership going towards the club for activities.  Membership starts at the beginning of each semester but students can join at any time.  For the 2019-20 school term, your USC Club president is Ethan Carpenter.  You can find his contact information through Student Services.  

Club members meet every Monday and Thursday but can train at anytime during business hours.  

If you need further assistance, send us your questions by contacting us below.  


Delquan Dennis- 3D

Before the fight interview, videoed by Angel Prater.

Elijah Seawright and Delquan Dennis

Sparring @ BBG.


A 5 Star ***** Rating on Google

"The best boxing gym in Columbia. This is a great gym to train, whether for conditioning or to move into competition. Kevin, Kashima, Elijah, and their staff know you personally as a member, and value your participation. With summer approaching, their children's camp is a great opportunity for kids to learn boxing, gain confidence, and be able to protect themselves. You will love these people!"

- Brandon Radar-  

Testimonial from our client

"Man!! I love this place!! The people are great!! The owners show such personal love!! If u don't have a passion for boxing but you value your own safety this is the best place to get in some training on how to better protect yourself. I took my kid out of karate just to develop his boxing skills my kid my boyfriend and I all are enrolled." 

- Katurah Perry 

Testimonial from our client

"If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life, this gym has what you are looking for. If you are looking to learn how to or gain confidence in your ability to defend yourself, this gym has what you are looking for. If you are looking to become a champion, this gym has what you are looking for. The environment that the staff and members of BBG creates is one of acceptance, where you will find encouragement towards whatever your goals may be. If you bring a good attitude and strong work ethic, BBG can turn you into the best version of you that you want to be."

- Cameron  Myers


"At the initial point of my son joining, it has been wonderful.My son Terrell Davis has a life disability ataxia which has an impact on balance and motor skills. I did a lot of research trying to find a gym that would take him because of his desire and love for boxing. When I first spoke with Kevin Brown and explained my situation he was totally welcoming and ready to nurture my son despite his condition. I was totally elated and overjoyed to finally introduce my son to his desire and that is boxing

- Tyrone Davis

Testimonial from our client

"My son just joined and the one on one instruction and personalization to were he is in this process is amazing!"

- Tasha Kimbrough


We would love to hear from you. Call, come by, or email us.  

111 Northway Rd. Ste C.  Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 414-2434


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